Hi! My name is Sadie and my husband's name is Daniel. We just wanted to tell you a little bit about who we are. Daniel and I went on a mission trip to Panama City, Florida in March 2015 that really confirmed to both of us that we were supposed to go to Michigan. While in Florida we met a lot of people from Michigan, some were on spring break and some were missionaries coming there to serve God. After we got back from our missions trip, we began seeking God more and more about moving to Michigan. Through prayer and listening to what God was telling us we knew that we were supposed to go. When we first moved here in October 2015 from South Carolina, we did not have a place to live and Daniel didn't have a job. We got married on September 26th then took a leap of faith and came straight here after our honeymoon.


Through prayer, God guided us to an apartment in Lincoln Park. Daniel quickly got a job at BC’s Pizza and I was working at Longhorn Steakhouse. Shortly after moving to Lincoln Park, He placed it on our heart to start a coffee shop with a focus on ministry.  The name Refuge came from Psalm 91 where the bible says that God is our refuge. He is always there for us. He loves us and protects us. Our goal with this coffee shop is to not only serve amazing coffee but also to build relationships with people in our community and show them who they are created to be. Everyone is created in the image of God, but some people do not see their worth. We want them to see who God has created them to be.