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Coffee Dripper


Coffee shops have always had a special place in our lives. This is where we learned how to build relationships and care for others in our hometown and we want to do the same in Lincoln Park. We really want to see God transform the lives of the people around us. Our plan for seeing this truly rests in the meaning of the name Refuge. The definition for refuge means: To provide shelter or to put trust in God.


At Refuge Coffee we believe that the atmosphere a coffee shop provides is one of the best ways to cultivate relationships. We will build relationships with our guests by providing great hospitality and great coffee. These connections will grow and thrive through community outreach, prayer, bible studies, events, life skill classes, jobs and more. Having this culture will create a place for people to feel comfortable to share their story.






We will be a safe place for students, provide life skill classes, community outreach events, pay it forward [food/drink], bible studies and prayer, support missions, and connect people to local resource centers.

A future goal of the coffee house is to create a team that helps rebuild homes in our area. Every time someone makes a purchase with us a little bit goes to help fund this project.


The first floor of Refuge is where all coffee brewing and food prep will be taking place. This floor will consist of comfy seating, a custom-built coffee bar, wet/dry storage areas, an office for operations and two restrooms! We will also provide board games and lots of books.


The second floor of Refuge will serve as additional seating for guests at the coffee shop. Along with extra seating, this space will be able to quickly transform into a gathering for worship, conferences, and any other beneficial event for the community! 

Praying Together
Cobble Road



There will be a constant need for prayer and for volunteers.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel like the Lord is leading you to help us open.​

  • References or donated skills

    • Coffee Experience

    • Business Mentors

    • Demo

    • General contractor

    • Licensed construction workers

    • Electrician

    • Plumber

    • Heating and air

    • Carpenter

    • Floor tile installers

    • Painters

    • Skilled workers.

  • Prayer - Following God’s plan for the coffee shop, deepening relationships with our neighborhood, opportunities to share Jesus with people, continual growth of our family.